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Secretkeeper's Daughter

Secretkeeper's Daughter

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Genevieve Delilah Jones knows she is alone in the world

Her tedious and lonely life as a call center employee comes to a screeching halt when she finds herself locked in a broom closet and questioned by an increasingly bizarre set of characters

She quickly discovers she has been kidnapped by the chief of security for a secret magical organization.The problem is, Genevieve's past is as much a mystery to her kidnappers and their boss as it is to her

Flung into the unexpected, Genevieve is completely unprepared to discover her own mysterious - and often unpredictable - powers

With the help of unexpected friends, she begins to consider a fresh start surrounded by monsters, fairies, and legendary beings

When her own magical abilities threaten the well-being of others, Genevieve makes a decision that may cost her freedom and her heart.Genevieve's past and the future of the magical world become inexplicably entwined

Will the discoveries of her origin be enough to stop the coming storm? Or will the coming evil throw the world into chaos?

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