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Outsiders (Anniversary)

Outsiders (Anniversary)

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50 years of an iconic classic! The international bestseller and inspiration for a beloved movie--now with bonus content

This special edition of the groundbreaking novel contains: Never before seen photos and letters from the publisher's archives Original review clippings and media coverage Photos from the author’s personal collection A gallery of covers around the world New material from the stars and director of the iconic film--including Francis Ford Coppola, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, and others And much more! Celebrating 50 years of the novel that laid the groundwork for the YA genre, this is the ultimate edition for fans of THE OUTSIDERS

A perfect way to honor this impressive milestone and a must-have for fans of all ages

Ponyboy can count on his brothers

And on his friends

But not on much else besides trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids whose idea of a goo d time is beating up on “greasers” like Ponyboy

At least he knows what to expect—until the night someone takes things too far.

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