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Off-Limits Rule

Off-Limits Rule

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Practice Makes Perfect comes an expanded edition of The Off-Limits Rule—a heartwarming romance about new love and fresh beginnings, with a never-before-seen chapter

Rules are made to be broken—especially for love, right? Lucy Marshall has found rock bottom

After failing to succeed as a single mom in Atlanta, she’s back home and moving in with her older brother Drew

Reconnecting with her support system is the right thing to do, but Lucy can’t help but feel like a failure

Her four-year-old son deserves the world, and all she can give him is a spare bedroom

But Drew is the sweetest uncle, and some quality time might be exactly what they need to start fresh

That is until she meets Cooper, her brother’s incredibly hot best friend

When Drew senses something between the two of them, he puts his foot down on any shenanigans

According to him, Cooper is everything Lucy should stay away from: flirtatious, adventurous, and especially non-committal

But Lucy has been getting the opposite impression so far; Cooper is a genuinely great guy, and she’s starting to catch real feelings

Her whole life, Lucy has tried to do everything right, and look where that’s gotten her—so what if she were to try something wrong?

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