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Night for Day

Night for Day

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Two people destined to be together, but to never see each other again, fight against the greatest odds in this powerful and moving fantasy novel by critically acclaimed author Roselle Lim

Exes Ward Dunbar and Camille Buhay thought they would never see each other again

They had broken up to pursue their dream jobs on opposite sides of the country—her to New York City, and him to Los Angeles

But years later, they unexpectedly reconnect in London, where they are interviewing for similar jobs

The spark they feel when they meet again is palpable—the attraction comes back like muscle memory, reminding them of what they had lost

When Ward and Camille discover they both got the job working opposing shifts, they vow to give their relationship another try

Ward starts the day shift and finds the immortal clientele unusual and dazzling

When he clocks out at the end of the day, he finds the door locked and himself trapped in the building

After a horrific first night shift contending with restless spirits and ghosts, Camille is also unable to escape

In their respective prisons, they discover that they’re able to talk to each other a few minutes before dawn

This fleeting encounter incites longing for each other, but their promise to be together feels impossible

Because they are caught in the middle of a war of the gods—and their choices will determine the outcome.

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