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Just Friends

Just Friends

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Hazel Lane is ready to date again

After finding her boyfriend cheating on her a year ago and thus severing her last ties to LA, she moved across the country to be closer to friends and family

While she pieced her life back together, dating was the furthest thing from her mind

But now she's ready to jump back into the shark-infested dating world again

And to avoid bad dates with men who think Crocs are acceptable footwear or guys who like to talk about their exes a little too much, she has a plan

She's going to ask her best friend, Alex, to set her up on blind dates, and she will return the favor

Alex Bates is in love with his best friend

When Hazel moved to Nashville last year, he was more than happy to wait on her while she worked through her breakup

He just thought that when she was ready to date again, she'd see who was right in front of her

And yes, she did see him-as the solution to finding her soulmate

Hazel may have a plan, but Alex does too

His goal isn't to find his one true love during this experiment, it's to convince Hazel that hers has always been there waiting

With each date, Hazel's plan gets fuzzier and fuzzier, along with her feelings for her best friend

He's too important to risk losing, but what if he's the one she's been looking for all along? Can they stay just friends, or will that little issue of love get in the way?

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