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Embers in the London Sky

Embers in the London Sky

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As the German army invades the Netherlands in 1940, Aleida van der Zee Martens escapes to London to wait out the Occupation

Separated from her three-year-old son, Theo, in the process, the young widow desperately searches for her little boy even as she works for an agency responsible for evacuating children to the countryside

When German bombs set London ablaze, BBC radio correspondent Hugh Collingwood reports on the Blitz, eager to boost morale while walking the fine line between truth and censorship

But the Germans are not the only ones Londoners have to fear as a series of murders flame up amid the ashes

The deaths hit close to home for Hugh, and Aleida needs his help to locate her missing son

As they work together, they grow closer and closer, both to each other and the answers they seek

But with bombs falling and continued killings, they may be running out of time.

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