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Coven: Special Edition

Coven: Special Edition

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LIMITED FIRST PRINT RUN--featuring spray-painted edges with a stenciled floral design and designed endpapers

Only available for a limited time and while supplies last

The sexy high-heat vampires of J.R

Ward meets the witchy goodness of Atlas Six and the dark academia suspense of The Ninth House


Raised to be my father’s weapon against the Coven that took away his sister and his birthright, I would do anything to protect my younger brother from suffering the same fate

My duty forces me to the secret town of Crystal Hollow and the prestigious Hollow’s Grove University—where the best and brightest of my kind learn to practice their magic free from human judgment

There are no whispered words here

No condemnation for the blood that flows through my veins

The only animosity I face comes from the beautiful and infuriating Headmaster, Alaric Grayson Thorne, a man who despises me just as much as I loathe him and everything he stands for

But that doesn’t mean secrets don’t threaten to tear the school in two

No one talks about the bloody massacre that forced it to close decades prior, only the opportunity it can afford to those fortunate enough to attend

Because for the first time in fifty years, the Coven will open its wards to the Thirteen

Thirteen promising students destined to change the world

If the ghosts of Hollow’s Grove’s victims don’t kill them first.

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