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Temporary Roomie

Temporary Roomie

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Practice Makes Perfect comes an expanded edition of The Temporary Roomie—a witty and relatable romantic comedy about finding joy in the unexpected, with a never-before-seen chapter

No one said fair trade needed to be “fair.” As the owner of Honeysuckle Salon, Jessie Barnes usually has everything managed and on track, but now in her third trimester of an unexpected pregnancy, she feels a bit lost and increasingly desperate after faulty plumbing floods her apartment

Unfortunately, her knight in shining armor is actually Dr

Drew Marshall, her best friend’s brother, and also the man she chewed out not too long ago for being a chauvinistic dirtbag

Every moment Drew's had to prove her wrong since then has failed, so Jessie’s opinion of him hasn’t improved

That remains the case when he agrees to let her stay with him during renovations, under one condition: she pretends to be his girlfriend for upcoming work festivities

For the sake of her brother, Jessie is willing to make the tough situation work, and giving Drew a taste of his own medicine sounds


But when their rivalry sparks a deeper connection, Jessie’s future gets even more unclear—and with a baby on the way, she’ll have to make a decision soon.

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