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Prohibition in Bardstown: Bourbon, Bootlegging & Saloons

Prohibition in Bardstown: Bourbon, Bootlegging & Saloons

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Some Bardstown, Kentucky residents argued for an alcohol ban as early as the mid-1800s despite the fact that whiskey and bourbon were local staples

When Prohibition finally arrived, independent and inventive residents secretly kept the city wet

A deacon once stored whiskey in a baptismal pool

Seventy-year-old Aunt Be-At Hurst allegedly made her homebrew out of her bathtub

Some locals even burned distillery warehouses to cover up thefts

Crime ran so rampant that revenue collector Robert H

Lucas threatened to have the governor summon the state militia

Join historians Dixie Hibbs and Doris Settles as they detail the history of Bardstown booze.

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