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A new mother ventures into parallel worlds to find her missing child in this mind-bending novel that turns the joys and anxieties of parenthood into an epic quest

“A bravura, unforgettable performance.”—Namwali Serpell, author of The Furrows What if the life you didn’t live was as real as the one you did? Hannah is having a bad day

A bad month

A bad year? That feels terrible to admit, since her son Jack was born just eight months ago and she loves him more than anything

But ever since his harrowing birth, she can’t shake the feeling that it could have gone the other way

That her baby might not have made it

Terrifying visions of the different paths her life could have taken begin to disrupt her cozy, claustrophobic days with Jack, destabilizing her marriage and making her husband concerned for her mental health

Are the strange things Hannah is seeing just new-mom anxiety, or is something truly weird and sinister afoot? What if Hannah really did unlock a dark force during childbirth? When Hannah’s worst nightmare comes true and Jack disappears from his crib, she must tap into an extraordinary ability she never knew she had in order to save him: She must enter different versions of her life while holding on to what is most important to her in this one to bring her child back home

From the intimate joys of parenthood to the cosmic awe of the multiverse, The Possibilities is an ingenious and wildly suspenseful novel that stares down into the dizzying depths of maternal love, vulnerability, and strength.

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