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Mother-Daughter Murder Night: A Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

Mother-Daughter Murder Night: A Reese Witherspoon Book Club Pick

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The Maid meets The Last Thing He Told Me in this fun, fresh, and twisty debut whodunnit about a grandmother-mother-daughter trio who come together as amateur sleuths to solve a murder in their coastal California town

"A lively and tender story of family that Simon deftly transforms into an edge-of-your-seat murder mystery..

One part The Maid and one part family drama à la The Nest, Mother-Daughter Murder Night is a resounding and impressive triumph."--Katy Hays, New York Times bestselling author of The Cloisters Nothing brings a family together like a murder next door

High-powered businesswoman Lana Rubicon has a lot to be proud of: her keen intelligence, impeccable taste, and the L.A

real estate empire she's built

But when she finds herself trapped 300 miles north of the city, convalescing in a sleepy coastal town with her adult daughter Beth and teenage granddaughter Jack, Lana is stuck counting otters instead of square footage--and hoping that boredom won't kill her before the cancer does

Then Jack--tiny in stature but fiercely independent--happens upon a dead body while kayaking near their bungalow

Jack quickly becomes a suspect in the homicide investigation, and the Rubicon women are thrown into chaos

Beth thinks Lana should focus on recovery, but Lana has a better idea

She'll pull on her wig, find the true murderer, protect her family, and prove she still has power

With Jack and Beth's help, Lana uncovers a web of lies, family vendettas, and land disputes lurking beneath the surface of a community populated by folksy conservationists and wealthy ranchers

But as their amateur snooping advances into ever-more dangerous territory, the headstrong Rubicon women must learn to do the one thing they've always resisted: depend on each other.

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