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From the New York Times bestselling author of Practice Makes Perfect comes an expanded edition of The Match—a charming romance novel about second chances and the healing power of love, with a never-before-seen chapter

Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it

Evie Jones has dedicated her life and very limited funds working for Southern Service Paws, the company that matched her with the love of her life: Charlie, a service dog trained to assist with her epilepsy

But it’s no secret that the company has been struggling to make ends meet

It’s up to her and her longtime mentor and boss to throw the fundraiser of the century to keep the doors open

Then Evie meets Jacob Broaden at a client consultation meeting

There are instant sparks—but not the good kind, because Jacob’s daughter set up the meeting without his knowledge

Ten-year-old Sam has been recently diagnosed with epilepsy, and has wanted a service animal ever since

While he had hesitations at first, it doesn’t take long for Jacob to be convinced that a service dog, and possibly Evie, with her magical, woodland-green eyes, might just be the best thing for him and his daughter

As Evie spends more time with Jacob and helps Sam find her perfect match with a lovable golden retriever named Daisy, she starts longing for something she’s never had before: a loving family

For Jacob, falling in love with Evie is the last thing he should be doing, but love has a way of finding those who need it most.

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