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Just for the Summer

Just for the Summer

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Ginny Masters manages a popular boutique hotel in Seattle and manages it with aplomb

But the daily challenges and irritations of a fast-paced job and a demanding boss are starting to get to her

Jacqueline Potter manages her grandfather's fishing lodge in Idaho because it was the only job she could find after graduating with her hospitality degree

She's grateful for the work but longs for a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan life she's just not going to find in this backwoods town

The solution to both their problems seems obvious

Just for the summer, they'll swap jobs and lifestyles

But they never anticipated swapping love interests

In this fabulous new twist on an age-old fable, award-winning and bestselling author Melody Carlson introduces you to two career-focused women who are about to discover that there's more to finding happiness than just switching up the scenery.

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