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Home Is Where the Bodies Are

Home Is Where the Bodies Are

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From New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Marriage and You Shouldn't Have Come Here comes a chilling family thriller about the (sometimes literal) skeletons in the closet

After their mother passes, three estranged siblings reunite to sort out her estate

Beth, the oldest, never left home

She stayed with her mom, caring for her until the very end

Nicole, the middle child, has been kept at arm's length due to her ongoing battle with a serious drug addiction

Michael, the youngest, lives out of state and hasn't been back to their small Wisconsin town since their father ran out on them seven years before

While going through their parent's belongings, the siblings stumble upon a collection of home videos and decide to revisit those happier memories

However, the nostalgia is cut short when one of the VHS tapes reveals a night back in 1999 that none of them have any recollection of

On screen, their father appears covered in blood

What follows is a dead body and a pact between their parents to get rid of it, before the video abruptly ends

Beth, Nicole, and Michael must now decide whether to leave the past in the past or uncover the dark secret their mother took to her grave.

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