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Courting of Bristol Keats: [Limited Stenciled Edge Edition]

Courting of Bristol Keats: [Limited Stenciled Edge Edition]

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Limited edition printing with stenciled edges From New York Times bestselling author Mary E

Pearson comes a thrilling romantic fantasy full of dangerous fae, dark secrets, and addictive romance After losing both their parents, Bristol Keats and her sisters struggle to stay afloat in their small, quiet town of Bowskeep

When Bristol begins to receive letters from an “aunt” she’s never heard of who promises she can help, she reluctantly agrees to meet—and discovers that everything she thought she knew about her family is a lie

Even her father might still be alive, not killed but kidnapped by terrifying creatures to a whole other realm—the one he is from

Desperate to save her father and find the truth, Bristol journeys to a land of gods and fae and monsters

Pulled into a dangerous world of magic and intrigue, she makes a deadly bargain with the fae king, Tyghan

But what she doesn't know is that he's the one who drove her parents to live a life on the run

And he is just as determined as she is to find her father—dead or alive.

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